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How and where to book hotels cheaply? When choosing a long-awaited vacation, business trip or weekend, it's worth taking care of choosing the best hotel. It's both comfort and convenience as well as low costs. There is no doubt that today the hotel reservation is done mainly through websites. When booking accommodation via the Internet through the most popular hotel systems, we can get better prices which we will find online. And prices depend on both the region and the current season. It is certainly easier to find a cheap hotel by the sea after the summer season, in the autumn and winter months. Spring is also a dead season in seaside resorts. The same can be said for lakes located very popular in the summer. In contrast, the mountains are practically crowded all year round. Of course, the winter season is a specific season for mountain resorts and holiday resorts. This is how it is that when the holiday season approaches, most of us are wondering which place to go on this year's holiday. Our choice depends mainly on the amount of money we want to spend on rest. Certainly, the Polish sea is crowded in the summer season, that is from mid-May to mid-September. The amount of money allocated for holidays also depends on whether we decide to go abroad, or whether we will be resting in the country. If we are going abroad, we usually use offers from travel agencies, but we usually organize a stay in the country individually. Therefore, in a situation where we decide to spend our free time in the country, before we go out we must ensure that all details are well-matched. The most important thing is the choice of accommodation, if you are interested in hotels in Europe, the best way to choose an adequate offer is a hotel comparison engine, giving you the opportunity to compile all the sophisticated proposals and also making it easier to choose the one that meets our expectations. In addition to the accommodation, tourist attractions in a given place are also important, so that we and our companions will not complain about boredom.